Gen Glitch

Individuals from Gen Z (aka Gen Glitch) born between 1995 to 2015, are our local high fashion robots. For most of their youth, they have been exposed to the web and social media, they’ve grown up watching technology evolve and become more powerful. Contemporary youngsters have become a strong influence on people due to the digital age that they’re living in, Gen Z individuals have only ever experienced a short period without the internet, as a matter of fact, their human experience is intertwined with the digital world.  For this reason, people have higher standards and expectations of how they use this power of technology. Creative industries today are yearning for young talent within this digital era. Generation Z is a power to be reckoned with, utilise their open-mindedness and ‘idgaf’ attitude then watch the art that unravels before you.


Photographer: Mila Embury

Styling: Eden Charkani

Model: Valery Villanueva

Assistant: Christina Bate

-Valery Villanueva

Pixel London