Young designers and graduates are always being watched. From shows at Graduate Fashion Week and Fashion East, all eyes are on the new and upcoming talent that Millennials have to offer. Photographers and stylists are always looking at what young designers are producing, as they are the experimental risk-takers of today. Rebecca Jeffs, Asai and Paolo Carzana are three of the many fearless artists who are utilising the creative freedom that they have to produce pure art.


Jeffs describes her work as ‘an ever-evolving understanding of, what it means to be a woman’, using delicate materials such as shells, buttons and rope to portray strong femininity, she is one to watch.


Asai recently debuted his first collection in February since graduating from Fashion East. He is known for his ‘hot wok’ tie-dye tops - a trend that resurfaced a couple years ago however, he is giving us a contemporary twist whilst incorporating his Chinese-Vietnamese roots.


Carzana’s work is full of meaning, he is widely recognised for his silhouettes and sculpture-like designs. An important element to Carzana’s work is sustainability, he is using his creativity to tackle fashion waste and take action.

-Kiran Samra

Pixel London