Fashion Recreation

There are mountains of clothes available to be purchased on every corner as well as every nook and cranny of the Internet. However, have you ever considered that super cute top, you know the one, from the high street that cost next to nothing. The sad reality is that a lot of these articles of clothing and accessories are made in sweatshops and factories where the staff are treated inhumanely. Not to also mention the carbon footprint that it leaves on the planet from shipping the raw materials to production and then to shipping it all over the world is astronomically high. But this isn’t about that we’re here to teach you that you don’t have to buy to look chic, as a matter of fact, there’s a lot of hidden gems just lying about your house or where you work or study that can look killer with just a little styling and artistic flair. It all starts with a little trial and error. One day while just looking around through the garage for stuff to make into a cool belt I stumbled across something called a ratchet strap it essentially is a super heavy duty reusable zip tie. Now originally it was over six meters long and even though my inner extra persona said don’t do it I had to cut it down if I didn’t want to get trapped on the tube or snagged on a pole. In all fairness that’s all, it took to take it from cargo shipping tool to fashion staple piece. From a random trip to the garage to one of my favourite accessories of all time that gets looks and interest from friends and strangers all the time, questions like How much was it? Where did you get it? Is that designer? To answer the questions though; It was free, my dad’s garage and no it’s my own creation well... recreation.

-Rokas Girdvainis

Photographer: Matias Garcia

Model: Benedict Gunyon

Pixel London