Ellesse is an Italian sportswear apparel company with a heritage in skiwear and tennis. Ellesse derives the name from initials “L.S.”, of its founder Leonardo Servadio, who founded the brand in 1959. Since 1987 the brand is owned by the Pentland Group, 42nd largest private company in the UK. Ellesse approached PIXEL to bring a new representation to the legendary brand. We are collaborating with upcoming creatives and in influencers to create a 360 campaign creating a new definition for the untapped.

Our launch event is set to take place on the 11th June at the Old Street Gallery in Shoreditch - Watch this space.


Photography: (Digitals) Eloise Thomas (Film) Sacha Boniface. Creative Direction and Styling: Kiran Samra. Talent: Sinclair Bransby-Williams, Lucas Pacary. Makeup: Charlie Greening. Lighting and fashion assistance: Jane Ivanova, Eden Charkani, Mila Embury, Christina Bate, Rokas Girdvainis, Valery Villanueva