Interview with Olivia Estella by Alice Fletcher

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An interview with Olivia Estella, freelancing creative director, make up artist, artist, musician and
model. Multi-talented; as well as being a brilliant artist, she can also sing like an angel, play the
guitar to a very high standard, and is the most creative make up artist I have ever seen. Olivia
left Ravensbourne after completing an Art Foundation to become a freelance model and
creative director, and she can also use her creative make up artistry on some of the shoots that
she is involved in.

Q. Liv, thanks for agreeing to spare ten minutes for a chat. How has freelance life been
treating you since you left Ravensbourne?

A. Hi Alice. To be honest, it is up and down. Some weeks I can find myself so busy I have to
turn down work and barely know what day it is, and then I have other periods that are very quiet.
I think one of the most important aspects of going freelance is being practically and mentally
prepared for this - if you are not you could find yourself getting really depressed when the work
isn’t coming in. The trick is to try and be organised with your finances, and put enough aside
when work is going well to see you through the dry periods. But I don’t regret it for a single
minute. I love being my own boss, organising my own time, and having the opportunity to work
with other freelance creatives.

Q. How important is collaboration for you in your work?

A. Massively, I can’t stress this enough. Basically it is all about networking and working and
supporting each other. The more I can help someone else, the more I know it will come round
again in some way to working in my favour. And also, collaboration is fun; my work life and
social life collide in the best possible ways so I don’t draw a line between them.

Q. Would you be interested in using a platform that enabled you to discover and connect
with like-minded creatives, and for them to discover you?

A. Of course, that is a no-brainer, provided the platform is well organised and is attracting the
right sort of people. I mean there are others out there but I haven’t found one that really works
for me yet. Let me know if you get this thing up and running and I’d be super interested.

Q. How would you list your skills on there? Would you want your bio to be supported by
examples of your work?

A. Well as you know, I am freelancing with quite a few disciplines at the moment. The one I
really want to push is the creative direction side, but I would also list being a MUA and model.
For smaller projects I usually use all these, and it saves having to get too many other people in
for the job.

Q. What other freelancing talents would you be looking to meet and collaborate with?

A. I’d love to get involved in a film, so any kind of film director or producer. And I like to work
with a really good stylists so that would be something I would be looking out for.

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