Today I’m going to interview my friend, fellow student and freelance illustrator Izzie Holland. I’m absolutely fascinated by Izzies highly original and distinctive style in her fashion illustrations and
thought it would be interesting to find out where she gets her inspiration from and how she sees herself working collaboratively in the future.

Hi Izzie, can you tell us a bit about yourself?
1. You have a very distinct style to your illustrations where do you get your inspiration from?
‘I would say my main inspirations for my illustrations originally was another illustrator called Jowy Maasdamme, her work
is incredible and so unlike any others, I feel my work is very similar to her but i’m constantly trying to evolve my style and
make it more my own’

2. I know you are at an internship at the moment can you tell us about your work there
“I am interning at a brand called Robert Wun at the moment, its going great! Its really tough work at a fast paste but im
learning alot. I think its a great way to gain industry experience and really prepares you for it after graduation . I am
mainly helping with 3D element of the brand, so doing alot of manufacturing and pattern cutting. We are currently working
on the 19’ resort collection

4. What would you like to do when you finish your degree. Do you see yourself having your own label?
I try to avoid thinking about graduation as much as possible haha, otherwise i just spiral in to an existential crisis! I have
no idea what I will do after I finish uni, the dream would be to create my illustrations everywhere and get payed for it
somehow but I think theres a lot more to it than that. I would also love to do something with 2D design, as thats my
favorite aspect of projects- drawing designs. But I guess only time will tell.
5. Which artists and designers do you have your eye on for the stars of the future
My favorite designer will always be John Galliano who is a legendary designer in my eyes, but as for younger brands/
designers, my eye is always on A.W.A.K.E- absolutely love them. Another fresh talent i really like is Mikio Sakabe, who are
a Japenese brand who do the maddest designs, one of which is a jacket with stars coming out of it, so crazy, and the
shoes are amazing as well. I highly recommend checking them out !!

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