Update Self Promotion : An insiders guide to Instagram that every freelancer needs to read NOW.

I know that all of you reading this will without doubt already be using social media to promote yourselves in this fast moving industry that we work in. Yes, I can imagine you are all spending longer than you want on it and may feel frustrated by having to “sell yourself” in this way. I completely get that. BUT, having just spent six months interning for a hugely successful fashion blogger, who is now earning serious amounts of money and traveling the world for free, I can share my findings.  



Content, content, content.  

This is rule Number 1. Post daily, update stories as regularly as you can.  We are a fickle society and it is only too easy to forget about somebody you once worked with. We found posting a story at the same time as a new post definitely increased the engagement with that post. Keep your content as original as possible, people want to see you and  your work, not a filtered, rose-tinted version of that or something that looks like somebody else's work. Be confident, stick with it and this approach will pay off.


Link in your bio is critical.

Update this continually, on whatever you are working on. This is the only way you can guide somebody from the instagram account to where it matters - your website, your work, and where you can really impress. When you update that link, make sure to shout about in your stories.


Video and Albums.  

Instagram recognise the accounts that get the most interaction.  How to get people to stay on your page and not just move on? First, video - few people can resist the urge to click and watch a video. Secondly, do albums rather than single posts. This means people take longer to swipe through the pictures, and you are also more likely to get a like for one of the pictures



Love them or hate them, ignore at your peril. Yes, you hate hashtags and I get that, but don’t be too quick to dismiss them. The days of bulk copying masses of generic hashtags are thankfully over. However, one or two carefully selected hashtags can do a great job of reaching a new audience. Create your own hashtag and put it in your bio.


The grid.  

You are all creative types, you don’t need me to tell you the importance of keeping your page visually appealing. Work in a block of nine, try a little repetition - a bit of colour or a particular shape, this pulls the whole page together.  



Reaching out and engaging are all every day parts of a freelancers life. Instagram is a great platform for this. Look at the accounts of fellow creatives that you admire, see who is following them and who they are following, you could well find a great new source of contacts this way. Direct messaging on Instagram is becoming a successful way to make contact to ask about collaboration or new business, don’t be afraid to use this.  Commenting underneath a post is also a key strategy to raise your profile, and the more you do this the more people will become interested in your name and want to follow you.  



Alice Fletcher

Pixel London